BMHA Membership



In a healthcare system that prioritizes money over the well-being of patients, we must take our health and the health of our community into our own hands. 


It takes a village to address the generational & collective trauma that Black people face living in the United States. 

Even today, Black bodies are being attacked through legislation, courts, environmental racism, food insecurity, housing insecurity & homelessness, poverty, public schools that function as pipelines for prisons, medical racism, the prison industrial complex (slavery 2.0), and other related systems of oppression. This not only jeopardizes the life of our people but also our mental health. 


We cant expect the institutions that are harming us to address our issues when they’re benefiting from our suffering. The health and well-being of our community is not something that we can take lightly. That’s why we’re assembling a village to take care of our people in Nashville.


At BMHA Nashville, we are not bystanders. We don’t turn a blind eye to suffering and injustice. We empower our community to identify harm and address it! 


For us to address harm and poor mental health in our community, we have to identify it and learn about it. For us to have the power and capacity to address the harm, we have to have resources and community support. For us to identify and address systemic inequities that produce resource and health disparities that exacerbate poor mental health in our communities, we need our own data infrastructure. 

Mental health exists on a spectrum so we want to establish a village that will create a spectrum of interventions for mental health problems and other harm in our communities that doesn’t involve the police nor other oppressive systems. 

That’s why we need you to join! 


As a member, you can…

  • Volunteer at our events or ask us to volunteer at your events. The love and support is reciprocal!

  • Reach out for help from our village (Mental health or any other issues) 

  • Help identify harm in yourself, your family, or your community so we can nonjudgmentally and compassionately coordinate interventions to restore wellness. 

  • Refer people to us so we can address disparities in social determinants of health (housing, food, education, lived environment, community, and social environment) 

  • Share our resources with your family and community. 

  • Add to our resources and toolkits 

  • Help us expand our village 

  • Tell us about your events so we can advertise them 

  • Come to meetings, plan events, and help us guide the organization's future 

  • Join our Board of Directors 

  • Have the power to change our community for the better 

Non-Refundable Membership Rate per Year 


Students $25

Adults $50

Clinicians $150

Professionals $300

Email and Venmo: @BMHANashville or pay below

We are officially a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.