About BMHA Nashville


BMHA Nashville is a bold, local nonprofit organization harnessing community, data, and novel technology to facilitate innovative whole-person healing and mental health education. Through community-led healing initiatives, we aim to address mental health disparities and the well-being of Black and minoritized communities impacted by trauma, poverty, or lack of mental health care access.


BMHA Nashville envisions a world where Black people can live happy and healthy lives. To make this happen, we're working on building a supportive community interested in healing and collective liberation.


•Trauma-informed and evidence-based community care – We use data and community discussions to identify, prevent, and address the consequences of poverty and trauma in our community

•Harm reduction – Confidential and judgment-free continuity of care and community support that reduces our dependency on existing systems of oppression

•Transformative justice centering on the healing of all victim

•Systems approach – Addressing structural racism and resource inequities underlying health disparities and poor mental health

•Abolition - Addressing the harm in our community without involving the Prison Industrial Complex

Board Members

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Geoffrey Hervey

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Chrishun Dorsey

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Elizabeth Young 

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Benaias Esayeas

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Treasurer and Executive Director 

Black Healing Advisory Board Members

Joseph Bazelias

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Healing for Black Men

Ashley Shelley

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Healing for Black Women & LGBTQIA and Community Care Leader

Pastor Howard 

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Community and Faith Advisor

Dr. Damian Clarke

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Chief Data Officer and Traditional Healing Guru

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Amber Spencer

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Healing for Black Elderly

Shonna Greer

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Healing for Black Children

Dr. Arthur Lee

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Community Health Advisor

Dr. Jude

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Health and Medical School Advisor 


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Safe Working Environment

Our Partners in Good Trouble 

Our Current Partners

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Black Nashville Assembly, Legislative and Political Organizing Partners

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Nashville Community Crisis Response, Mental Health Response Partners

  • Nashville Community Crisis Response Website
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